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Inspired by 30_kisses and NANOWRIMO, strangely enough. Several parts of the following come straight from 30_kisses

Welcome! This is a friendly community of fanficcers who miss the long fics. Though this will probably be a predominantly anime/manga-related community, people of all fandoms are invited to participate. Also feel free to join just to enjoy the fanworks!

To write & enjoy fiction pieces, each at least 30K words in length.

1. Every participant may claim one group, couple or individual at a time for their fic. I know this is slightly different, but 30K words is longer than most the other comms, and it's probably easier if you stay focused. Your claim will be yours and no one else's for the duration of your fic. Once you complete your fic, your claim will be freed for anyone else who wishes to claim them.

Note that this community does not accept Real Person Fiction.

Side: Of course, feel free to use characters/couples outside the one you claimed (it wouldn't be much of a fic otherwise o.0), but do make them the central couple/character in the fic.

Collaborations are allowed, but please keep it to between two people.

2. Please try to have at least 3,000 words per chapter. I know it seems a lot in several fandoms today, where 500 word drabbles run rampant, but that's not what this community is for. It is advised to have a storyline in mind before you make a claim. Along the same lines, please try to post at least once a month. Leaving people waiting on cliffhangers for months just... isn't cool, you know? If you go more than two months without posting, your claim may be opened for someone else to try.

3. Plagiarism will absolutely not be tolerated.

4. Feedback is wonderful for authors. Especially if you participate. Keep in mind that "=D MORE!" is not considered constructive feedback by most - authors spend a lot of time writing, and it's only polite to provide intelligent feedback, yea?

Try to post in this format:

Subject line:

Title: (include chapter # please)
Rating: (include warnings, if applicable)

LJ-CUT or LINK to your journal, PLEASE.

And anything else you want to put in the header (genre, spoiler warnings, etc). All that should go before the LJ-cut. .\\

Also, if you DON'T want your entry archived to the memories section, please indicate that in the header as well.

Because it's cool and helpful - if you want, use some unique id as a tag every time you post a chapter. For example: "AUTHOR | FANDOM | PAIRING" or "AUTHOR | TITLE"

After you join the community, head over to the claims post to check if your couple/characters have been claimed already. If not, comment with "request" in the suject line, and the fandom and character(s) full name(s). Example:
Prince of Tennis: Echizen Ryoma and Ryuuzaki Sakuno

Writer's Block
Need help continuing your fic? Have a good quote/idea you just can't use, or feel like sharing? Head over to this post!

With that, enjoy!

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